Stephen Jones

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Relishes the opportunity to work with businesses using his broad range of skills, experience and network to enhance their chances of success Experienced COO and qualified Accountant with excellent commercial, organisational and communication skills with experience across Financial Services and Outsourcing.

A strong and consistent career progression from building and managing Finance teams, Front Office Business Management to Relationship Management, Business Development and COO roles.

Proven track record of driving growth through quality client coverage and creation of new service offerings.

Active Angel Investor including providing NED / COO support for these companies operating in various sectors including FinTech, Consumer Electronics Media Tech and Entertainment. Utilising expertise to facilitate stronger focus, leveraging an expansive network and drive market engagement.

A strong communicator who relishes engaging with individuals, leaders and teams, sharing lessons from experiences across multiple business sectors and roles.  This has allowed me to successfully operate at board level, manage teams and build strong relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Experienced in working in all sizes of businesses from Start-Ups to Multinationals.