Eric Geutjes

Position: Advisors to the Board of Directors

Eric is an entrepreneur at heart and the owner, shareholder and investor in many companies. His 30+ years experience has been gained in the financial investment sector, petrochemical, construction and renewable energy (hydro power, solar, wind) sectors as well as business management, risk management, project and people management and commodities trading / general trading.

Focused, driven, result-oriented, fair, open minded, going the extra mile, high level of professionalism balanced with a great sense of humour are some of the observations made by those who have interacted and/or worked with him. He often finds himself in the role of mentor and trusted advisor given his extensive international experience, superior business acumen and expertise.

The environment, sustainability as well as safety in today’s world are topics Eric cares deeply about and is closely involved in various related projects.

Eric is open to new ideas, establishing and growing businesses and bringing a successful outcome to any initiative he is involved in.