Charles Ruffolo

Position: Advisors to the Board of Director

Charles served and retired after 20 years from the military and is a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and served as a Battalion Sergeant Major. He earned his MPA/MBA degree in his free time in the military and fine-tuned his natural talent for linking (networking) common interests. Ruffolo is an International Speaker, Author, Publisher and Trainer that has spoken in many countries, presents over 100 times each year and is the most asked American speaker in Europe. Charles has hosted Stedman Graham numerous times in Europe; twice Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of The United States; Sir Richard Branson (Virgin); General (ret) Wesley K. Clark (Former NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe); Vice President Al Gore in Aruba and Tom Houck, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr, Personal Driver and Assistant. He was instrumental in setting up the TV Station 24Kitchen. He also created The NetworKing Academy Online course, a first in the world!

The cardinal rule of networking is giving back. Ruffolo believes it’s so essential that in 1999 he founded the Giving Back Foundation. Giving Back is a non-profit Foundation committed toward bringing critical resources to the youth that need them. The Giving Back Foundation helps high-school students whose career perspectives, due to their backgrounds, are not on the same level as their talent and ambition. These students, who may potentially be role model in Dutch society and for this have the ability to develop themselves best, are offered a group and mentor program to help them broaden their knowledge and experience. Giving Back only functions from private donations from companies and people who want to give back to society.