Ambassador Karin Nagi

Position: Advisors to the Board of Directors

A prosperous musical career and several international hits have taken Karin Nagi (Dutch/Yemeni origin) around the world.

Charity work has also taken her on several international journeys on behalf of children, sick people, animals and the environment. She has written and performed on charity songs for animal rescues, children’s charities, and for peace. Her version of “Testify to Love” was presented as a gift for peace to the United Nations in 2013.

Karin has studied psychology, family therapy, nutrition and health, and promotes a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle worldwide. Karin is the founder of Voices 4 Animals & Children based in the Netherlands, an organization focused on educating children what is in food, and how their food choices affect their health, animals, the environment, a sustainable global food system, and our planet.

Since 2012 Karin is ambassadress for muslim/non-muslim peace organisation SPMUDA, operating in 100+ countries. In 2015 Karin attended and spoke at animal rights conferences, Vegan festivals and events in Washington, Luxembourg, Sunderland UK and Utrecht NL, and in 2016 Leeds UK, Brighton UK, Los Angeles, Luxembourg and no doubt many more will soon follow.

Karin’s explicit love and commitment to the natural world and dedication to children, social and political goodwill make her essential to the future plans for the AIM-X Foundation.